Ram ProMaster EV competes with Ford and Rivian


Ram ProMaster EV competes with Ford and RivianRam has finally entered the electric car market in the United States, with the introduction of its first all-electric model. This is not the Ram 1500 REV; it will be released much later. With the ProMaster, an electric van, Ram hopes to make a substantial impact in the fast increasing commercial EV category, competing with industry giants such as Ford and upstart Rivian.

For European readers, the Ram ProMaster resembles the stylish Fiat E-Ducato. It may be an Opel, Citroen, or Peugeot; all of these brands are owned by Stellantis and follow the tried-and-true formula for a large delivery van, this time powered by electricity. So our North American readers end up with the more attractive cousin.

Tim Kuniskis, Ram’s CEO, described the ProMaster EV as a “game-changer.” That is undoubtedly the most overused term in the industry, with each new EV introduction, whether passenger or commercial, threatening to turn the world upside down. However, with a market move towards EVs following a record-breaking 1.2 million EV sales in the United States last year, Ram is clearly entering a new era of automotive innovation.

Ram ProMaster EV competes with Ford and Rivian

The Ram ProMaster EV is part of Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategy, which aims for 100% EV sales in the European Union and 50% in the United States by the end of the decade. Stellantis, the parent company of Ram, has a varied portfolio of brands in the United States, including Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, and Maserati. Ram aims to be perceived as providing the best value proposition with the lowest total cost of ownership across its product line, and the ProMaster EV is likely to continue this trend.

The Ram ProMaster EV will be available in two versions: a delivery model, which is already on the market, and a cargo variant, which will arrive later. The cargo version will come in two sizes: 3.65 m cargo length and an extended 3.96 m variation.

The ProMaster EV boasts an exceptional payload capacity of 1,370 kg for the cargo variant and 921 kg for the delivery van. The 200 kW electric motor delivers 268 horsepower and 409 Nm of torque, making it ideal for commercial applications.

With a typical 110 kWh battery pack, the ProMaster EV has a city driving range of up to 261 kilometers. The battery pack is located under the floor in the back, giving a flat cargo compartment for quick loading and unloading. The vehicle supports a variety of fast charging options, including 50 kW, 85 kW, 125 kW, and 150 kW DC fast charging, as well as a level 2 (11 kW) wall box charger.

Ram has gone to great lengths to meet the fleet management requirements. The ProMaster EV has a rear roll-up door for easy freight handling and a conventional pocket door for handy access. Fleet managers can also benefit from Ram Telematics, a service that provides real-time vehicle diagnostics, vehicle location data, and important insights to improve efficiency.

Ram ProMaster EV competes with Ford and Rivian

Ram provides a choice of alternatives for individuals who want to customize their ProMaster EV to fit specific needs. The delivery variant, with a 4,039 mm wheelbase and a “super-high-roof,” features heated steering wheel and windshield. It will eventually be available in five versions, with two roof heights, two cargo lengths, and two body types capable of carrying cargo lengths of up to 3.96 metres.

The ProMaster EV offers a spacious 14,840 l cargo area, with a height of 2,184 mm and a low floor for easy loading. The technology-savvy interior has a 10.1-inch touchscreen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There’s Alexa In-Vehicle Assistant with the ability to save up to five user profiles for different drivers.

The vehicle includes front and rear Park Sense with full stop, as well as a variety of backup alarms. In addition, the ProMaster EV incorporates all of Ram’s full-size commercial van’s safety features. Notably, the redesigned front-end design includes standard LED headlights and fog lights, which provide 70% more brightness and 50% more range than the headlamps found on the gas-powered variant. Ram has added a basic high-resolution backup camera and an optional 360-degree camera system. These should make maneuvering it slightly easier and safer.

Finally, the Ram ProMaster EV includes a Charging Station Locator and EV Dynamic Trip Prediction to help electric van drivers plan their routes more easily.

Ram ProMaster EV will compete against Rivian EDV and Ford E-Transit. With electric vans gaining traction in the US market, Ram’s first excursion into the realm of EVs appears to be a viable contender. The ProMaster EV is expected to cost roughly €48,500, with competitors typically priced around €4,700 higher than gas-powered models.


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