Tesla offers a cheaper US Model Y RWD.

Soon after Tesla removed the base all-wheel drive (AWD) option for the Model Y from its configurator, the company added a rear-wheel drive option that is $3,750 more affordable. It begins at $43,990, but after the full tax credit of $7,500 is applied, the actual price that is being asked for is reduced to $36,490.

Some people believe that Tesla is making use of Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) cells; however, Lithium-iron-Phosphate (LFP) batteries are more cost-effective to manufacture. They are also marketed as being more efficient and more long-lasting. It’s possible that this is why Tesla is able to offer the brand-new Model Y at such an affordable price.

Tesla Model Y RWD Details

The previous AWD option had a range of 279 miles, but the new trim has 260 miles on its range indicator instead of 279 miles. Additionally, the seven-seater configuration is not available for the new RWD model, and the maximum charge rate is capped at 170 kW rather than the 250 kW that is supported by the currently available AWD iterations.



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