Tesla Reduces Model Y Prices just for limited time

Tesla’s price cuts happen every month, or sometimes every week. So many of them have happened that getting a Tesla has become like taking a chance. At this point, it’s almost certain that the car you got last week will be even less expensive next month. Lowering prices could be bad, but it was painful for everyone. Who would have thought that?

Last year, Tesla got off to a great start with price cuts all over the place. This year, they were a little less excited. The company just announced more layoffs, but this time there’s a twist: rental companies are ending their contracts with Tesla cars and selling whole fleets at a loss. This hasn’t stopped the company.

Now is the time to decide if you want to buy a new Model Y if you live in the US. The prices of both the RWD and long-range AWD types are going down by $1,000. The price of the Performance model doesn’t change, which is a shame. What’s the catch? You only have until the end of February to buy one. Tesla says the prices will go up by at least $1,000 after March 1.Tesla Reduces Model Y Prices just for limited time
With the new deal, the Model Y RWD starts at $42,990. Adding the destination charge and the full $7,500 EV tax credit from the government brings the total price down to $37,130. A 260-mile EPA range and enough space for the whole family make this a pretty good EV.

The Long Range AWD model now starts at $47,490, and like the RWD, it qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit. This means that, after the delivery charge, the real price is $42,130. You can get an all-wheel-drive 514-hp EV for that much money. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and can go 310 miles on a single charge, but you have to be careful with your right foot.

Tesla is making an interesting and unique move. If the business really does plan to raise prices next month, it will make shareholders happy but won’t meet its sales goal for the first quarter of this year. People won’t rush to buy Teslas just because the price is going up. Or are they going to?Tesla Reduces Model Y Prices just for limited time
People in the US can get a $1,000 deal on the Model Y, and people in Germany can get a loan with no interest. They don’t save as much as with a straight discount, but they still save a lot of money. Buyers in Spain aren’t as lucky; they can only get loans with a 3.99% interest rate. But at least Tesla lowered the prices of its cars to match those in most of Europe. In Belgium, the Flemish government will give you €5,000 to buy a Model Y. In the Netherlands, the government will give you €2,950 to buy a RWD version.

It’s worth noting that you can get an even better deal on any Tesla by looking through the current stock and at vehicles that have been used as showcases. A Tesla that is almost brand new and only has a few hundred kilometers on it can save you enough money to pay for charging for two years. That said, it may take some time to go through many cars.



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