Wuling’s well-known Baojun brand has added two new mini-electric cars to its growing line: the Yep Plus, which is completely new and better than the Yep. The two cars, which have a boxy shape and useful features, mark a new era for Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) aimed at city workers, commuters, and young families.

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Baojun Yep

Baojun Yep and Yep Plus Unveiled

When the first Yep came out in 2022, it got a lot of attention because it looked a lot like the famous Suzuki Jimny. This update for 2024 has some small price increases (starting at just over $11,000), but it also adds more features. The small powerhouse is still a 2-door, 4-seat SUV-wannabe that’s great for narrow city streets. It’s 3,381 mm long, 1,685 mm wide, and 1,721 mm tall.

This tiny SUV isn’t meant to break speed records; it’s meant to be efficient. The maker says that a single charge will give you 188 miles of range (CLTC). This brave EV has a 50 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor and 140 Nm of power, so even though it can only go 62 mph, the ride is very quick. Its small 28.1 kWh battery can be charged quickly, taking only 35 minutes to go from 30% to 80% full. This makes it perfect for city living or short trips.

Baojun Yep Plus

Baojun Yep and Yep Plus Unveiled

The Yep Plus, the big brother, is now part of the Baojun lineup. This SUV with four doors and four seats is a big step forward for the company. Its length is 3,996 mm, its width is 1,760 mm, and its height is 1,726 mm. Bigger in every way. It’s just as useful and affordable as the Yep, with prices starting just under $13,000.

The drive on the Plus is stronger, with a 75 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor and 180 Nm of torque. This means the top speed goes up to 93 mph, which is great for short trips on the highway. With its 41.9 kWh battery pack, the Plus also has the best range, with the company saying that it will go 249 miles (CLTC) between charges. It is possible to charge this micro-SUV quickly, just like its smaller brother.

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