EREV Engineers Wanted by Xiaomi Car Division

Xiaomi has just recently published a number of job openings on the official Chinese version of its website, looking for a wide variety of engineering positions. The listing for engineers working on EREVs as well as people familiar with internal combustion systems, air intake, and exhaust systems is of particular interest. Also of interest is the listing for people working on EREVs.

The recruitment of such employees suggests that Xiaomi is preparing an EREV vehicle to come alongside its EV or that the company is going to introduce an EREV version of its future Xiaomi MS11 car. Alternatively, the company may be planning to introduce both of these things. However, since trial production has already begun on that one, it is much more likely that new employees will be working in the future on other types of vehicles.

It is speculated that the MS11 will come equipped with a 101 kWh battery and that its release will take place before the end of this year. Some people believe that the upcoming Xiaomi sedan is unusually long for an electric vehicle, which might indicate that the designers have left space for an internal combustion engine (ICE) generator in the future. The fact that Xiaomi is searching for EREV specialists lends credence to the theory.

The job description is looking for EREV engineers who have at least three years of experience. These engineers will be responsible for developing new EREV-related components, testing them, and helping to build a supply chain. In addition, they would need to remain current and also conduct research into potential range extender technologies of the future.



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