Hyundai will launch the Casper EV in Europe this year to compete with Dacia Spring.

Hyundai plans to launch the Hyundai Casper EV in Europe before the end of this year. The Casper is a compact city car that is already on sale in the company’s native market of Korea; however, Hyundai is now developing the Casper Electric, and only this EV variant will travel to Europe.

The announcement comes from Hyundai France CEO Lionel French Keogh. The Casper Electric, at around $21,000, is expected to compete with the Dacia Spring and Citroen e-C3 models.

Hyundai Casper ICE model in Korea

The Casper is even smaller than the Spring, at only 3,600 mm long, but its SUV-like design may make it a more appealing option, especially when combined with “more versatility” – which we interpret as longer range and maybe (hopefully) more power. According to a Korean story from earlier this month, it will include an LFP battery with a range of 124–186 miles.

The model for Europe is expected to be manufactured in the Czech Republic, where the Kona Electric is also created, potentially benefiting from the green bonus in France.

Hyundai will launch the Casper EV in Europe this year to compete with Dacia Spring.

The forthcoming Casper Electric is currently being tested in Japan under disguise, where it will also be released, albeit later, in early 2025. The EV appears to have taller LED headlights with a new design compared to the ICE model available in Korea, and a closed panel has taken the place of the grille.

There are only minor changes to the back, specifically the shape of the LEDs inside the round ‘containers’ to the left and right of the license plate.

Hyundai Casper EV Price

The $21,000 EV market is becoming more competitive, with city cars like the Casper Electric potentially driving EV adoption in Europe to new heights.



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