New Deal for Polestar 5 batteries between Polestar and SK On

Polestar is getting ready to introduce its new four-door GT, the Polestar 5. Today, the business stated that SK On, a South Korean battery manufacturing behemoth that Polestar signed for the 5, will be an important participant in the production of the vehicle.

It is anticipated that manufacturing of the Polestar 5 will begin in the year 2025. The Polestar 5 will be an electric GT and the next generation of the Polestar Precept concept car. The firm has devoted an entire documentary series on YouTube to the development of the vehicle, which is titled “From Concept to Car.”

SK On is one of the major competitors in the electric vehicle battery market, having emerged from the 2021 restructuring of SK Innovation. The foundation of this partnership is comprised of their high-nickel battery cell modules, which have a high energy density. These batteries are designed to provide not only long-range capabilities but also rapid charging and efficient discharging, which are essential for the performance that is anticipated from the Polestar 5.

Polestar and SK On Set New Deal for Polestar 5 batteries

On the opposite side of this relationship, SK On’s CEO Jee Dong-seob views the collaboration as an opportunity to strengthen his company’s foothold in the top-tier electric vehicle market. He sees this as an advantage of the partnership.

New Deal for Polestar 5 batteries between Polestar and SK On

Polestar plans to have five performance electric vehicles available by the year 2026. The Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 have already been introduced to the market, and the Polestar 4, Polestar 5, and Polestar 6 are still in the development stage. In addition to this, the daring Polestar 0 project, which aims to develop a climate-neutral production car by the year 2030, is a challenge that extends to the suppliers as well as the broader automotive industry.


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