Polestar 4 Price & configurators are Available in Europe & Australia

Following the initial deliveries of the Polestar 4 for the first time in China at the end of 2023, the Polestar 4 is now available for purchase in Europe and Australia. They are now available in a variety of markets, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and several others.

It is anticipated that production of the Polestar 4 will begin in the middle of this year for both Europe and Australia, and the initial deliveries are scheduled to take place in August.

For the Polestar 4, the single-motor long-range variant starts at $67,800, while the dual-motor long-range variant costs $76,400. These prices are the starting point for the Polestar 4.

There is a maximum output of 400 kW (536 bhp) and 686 Nm from the Polestar 4. The length of the vehicle is 4839 millimeters, and its wheelbase measures 2999 millimeters. The battery capacity is 102 kilowatt-hours, and the vehicle has a WLTP range of up to 373 miles.

The Polestar 4 stands out for its coupe SUV design, split headlights, and lack of rear glass. These features contribute to the vehicle’s overall appearance.

Polestar 4 Price & configurators are Available in Europe & Australia

Polestar 4 Price and configurators

Polestar 4 Price, incl. VAT
Long range Single Motor €63,200
Long range Dual motor €71,200
Pilot Pack €1,500
Plus Pack €5,500
Pro Pack €2,000
Performance Pack €4,500



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