Tesla Model 3 Performance Improved

The rumors began in earnest when documents surfaced on the Tesla Fahrer Und Freunde forum, indicating that this new model is set to receive a fresh motor, identified by the "T" designation in the VIN. 

The previous Model 3 Performance boasts an impressive output of 513 horsepower. Recently surfaced specifications of Chinese Model 3+ reveal dual-motor setup pumping out 443 hp (331 kW) which actually is less than 498 hp (366 kW) of the new Model 3 LR destined for Europe. 

the Model 3 Highland is about 63.5 kilograms (140 pounds) lighter than its predecessor. It’s elementary physics, folks – less weight generally means better performance and improved range. Speaking of which, WLTP estimates indicate that the new Standard Range RWD model can stretch an extra 2 miles on a single charge.

The availability of the updated Model 3 in the United States remains in the realm of speculation, as Tesla is currently accepting orders for the Highland variant in other global markets like Australia and Europe.