BYD Commemorative Edition Dolphin EVs reach half a million.

To celebrate the upcoming production of the 500,000th Dolphin EV since the model’s inception in August 2021, BYD is releasing the Dolphin Commemorative Edition. Now, if you think this is just a celebratory pat on the back, think again; this edition comes with a number of improvements and a new look.

The Dolphin Commemorative Edition immediately stands out thanks to its striking new color scheme, which combines black and red. In the middle of the front grille is the BYD logo, which stands out against the jet-black background and is illuminated by an LED light strip. The through-type taillight is fashionable, and a roof spoiler complements the typical narrow-top, wide-bottom design at the vehicle’s rear.

Dolphin EV Specifications

The BYD Dolphin EV is more than just a pretty face. It has five ultrasonic radars and five external cameras to provide cutting-edge driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control. It has a standard trunk volume of 345 l, which can be expanded to a whopping 1,310 l with the rear seats folded down, and a length, width, and height of 4,150 mm/1,770 mm/1,570 mm/2,700 mm.

BYD Commemorative Edition Dolphin EVs reach half a million.

The Commemorative Edition is built on BYD’s newest e-Platform 3.0 and features an 8-in-1 powertrain. It rides on your choice of 16- or 17-inch tires. It integrates the Drive Motor, Motor Controller, Gearbox, onboard charger, and Battery Management System into a unified system. This electric marvel is propelled by a front single motor that can be outfitted with either a 70 kW/180 Nm or a 130 kW/290 Nm motor.

Dolphin EV Performance

Performance-wise, the first setup offers a claimed 93-mph top speed and a 0-62-mph sprint time of 10.9 seconds. The lithium-iron-phosphate battery found in BYD’s Blade claims to have a power consumption rate of 10.5 kWh/62 miles, allowing for a pure electric cruising range of 261 miles. The second setup improves upon the first by having a top speed of 99 mph, an acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds, a cruising range of 249 miles, and a power consumption of 11.3 kWh/62 miles.

BYD Commemorative Edition Dolphin EVs reach half a million.

Dolphin EV Display

A 12.8-inch control screen, a 5-inch full LCD instrument cluster, and a three-spoke flat-bottom multi-function steering wheel are all hallmarks of this vehicle’s interior design. The seats are covered in fashionable faux leather. Seat back headrests are embroidered with the number “500,000” to add a touch of exclusivity and draw attention to the vehicle’s commemorative nature.

Dolphin EV Price

The Dolphin Commemorative Edition can be purchased for RMB 126,800 (around $17,000) for the base model, or RMB 139,800 (around $19,000) for the Pro or Plus variants. Although the interior hasn’t been changed, the exterior has been given a facelift and the performance has been improved, making it clear that BYD isn’t just riding the wave with this limited edition, but creating it.


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