Zeekr enhances 009 MPV with new features and price.

Zeekr enhances 009 MPV with new features and price.

Zeekr, Geely Holding Group’s premium electric car business, is unveiling an updated version of the 009 MPV. Although the beginning price has increased by €130, the new Zeekr 009 includes previously optional features as standard, providing better value for money.

The upgraded Zeekr 009, the company’s second model following the Zeekr 001, was presented on November 1, 2022, and will be available in February 2023.

The Zeekr 009 was initially available in two variants: WE and ME, which cost RMB 499,000 and RMB 588,000, respectively. The starting price for the WE model has climbed to RMB 500,000 (€65,560), while the ME version pricing stays fixed at RMB 588,000 (€77,100).

The essential specs of the Zeekr 009 remain intact; both the WE and ME variants are powered by Li-ion ternary batteries. The WE version boasts a 116 kWh battery pack, while the ME version is powered by a formidable 140 kWh Qilin Battery, released in June 2022 by CATL. These batteries have ranges of 702 and 822 kilometers, respectively.

Zeekr enhances 009 MPV with new features and price.

One of the most notable enhancements to the new Zeekr 009 is the addition of previously optional functionality as standard. Customers may now enjoy digital rearview mirrors, a power-adjustable steering wheel, a front passenger seat comfort package, and third-row double-pane acoustic glass at no additional cost.

Zeekr has made waves in the electric vehicle sector with its rapid product launches and outstanding sales figures. Just nine months after its first release, the company produced the updated Zeekr X, which removed the lower-priced entry version while keeping two other variants at reduced pricing.

Zeekr broke a record in December by delivering 13,476 vehicles, increasing the total number of deliveries in 2023 to an incredible 118,685. The Zeekr 009 supplied 2,310 units in December alone, and a total of 19,210 units for the year. Looking ahead, Zeekr has big ambitions for 2024. The corporation intends to treble its deliveries, aiming for an astonishing 230,000 automobiles this year.


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