BYD Tang gets bigger battery For European customers

It was time for BYD to give their Tang electric SUV a facelift for the European market. Adding a more powerful battery to the Tang is BYD’s attempt to compete with the wildly popular Tesla Model Y, even though the company has only been selling electric vehicles in Europe for less than a year.

BYD Tang Price

The BYD Tang EV has recently expanded its market to include Germany, the Netherlands, and other European countries, following its 2020 debut in Norway. It seems the BYD Tang EV wanted to be seen as a serious contender in the electric SUV segment, with pre-sale prices announced at a rather steep $77,300. With a starting price of $46,130 in Germany for the Tesla Model Y, that was always going to be a challenge.

BYD Tang Details

At 4,870 mm in length, 1,950 mm in width, and 1,725 mm (68 inches) in height, the Tang EV is massive. The Tang appears pricey in comparison to Tesla’s best-selling Model Y, which is 120 mm shorter and starts at $60,080 for the 534 hp Performance version.

BYD Tang gets bigger battery For European customers

A bigger battery, increasing the BYD Tang EV’s capacity from 86 kWh to an astounding 108 kWh, is the most significant upgrade. As a result, your WLTP cycle range will be an additional 81 miles. According to BYD, the upgraded Tang has a range of up to 329 miles, which is an improvement over the previous 249 miles.

A lot has changed with the battery refresh. An 11 kW AC charging capacity is standard on the new BYD Tang EV, an improvement over the 7 kW that was previously available, and a fast-charging option of up to 190 kW DC is also available. Getting from zero to sixty-two miles per hour in 4.9 seconds in a 2,489 kg SUV is more than adequate, so the 517 hp powertrain has remained unchanged. New active dampers guarantee a more composed and controllable behavior, proving that BYD listened to its customers and upgraded the suspension.

BYD Tang gets bigger battery For European customers

Even with its larger battery, the BYD Tang still can’t match the 351 WLTP miles of the Model Y, but the Chinese SUV is on par with Tesla’s Long Range SUV in terms of speed. I wish the BYD was less expensive. Well, BYD hasn’t said anything about price changes officially, but the statement “Be prepared for a surprise.” is quite intriguing.

With the revised Tang electric SUV, BYD is aiming to take on Tesla. A larger battery, longer range, better charging capabilities, and respectable performance give the Tang a fighting chance at attracting some buyers. At least if the cost is reasonable.



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