Rimac unveils robotaxi, Verne With Level 4 autonomous

Rimac has been researching autonomous technology since 2017 and obtained significant financing from the EU to develop robotaxis as part of Croatia’s recovery strategy.

Verne, formerly Project 3 Mobility, will be managed by CEO Marko Pejkovic and lead designer Adriano Mudri, the creative genius behind the Nevera. The firm opted to commemorate Jules Verne because of his imaginative travel and exploration stories.

Rimac Verne Design

The Verne robotaxi will be a totally electric, Level 4 autonomous vehicle, without typical controls such as a steering wheel or pedals. To boost aerodynamics, it will not have windshield wipers or side-view mirrors. The vehicle’s form differs from the traditional boxy robotaxis, having a sleek two-door hatchback layout and sliding doors for ease entrance.

Rimac unveils robotaxi, Verne With Level 4 autonomous

One of the most noticeable aspects of the Verne robotaxi is its interior. With no steering wheel or pedals, the cockpit is vast, with a large 43-inch display dominating the dashboard. This panel will provide navigation information, media controls, and other services for passengers. Once the service begins, the screen will likely display advertisements.

Verne plans to build “Motherships” in cities to provide cleaning, charging, and maintenance services, as well as a factory in Croatia to manufacture the robotaxis. After launching in Zagreb, the company plans to expand to other European cities, starting with the UK and Germany and eventually reaching the Middle East. It has already signed agreements with 11 cities.

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