Rivian Begins the teasing of R2

Rivian has finally set a date for the official launch of the R2, its smaller SUV that should be a lot cheaper than its first SUV, the R1S. The R2 may be released on March 7 in Laguna Beach, California, which is where Rivian’s main store is located.

The company began a teaser campaign for the new model today. The X post below shows the display for the driver’s instruments through the steering wheel.

It’s easy to see the Rivian logo on the steering wheel, and the screen looks much smaller than the one in the R1S. A smaller car means a smaller screen, right?

But there is also a lower price. Rivian’s original goal for the R2 was to start at around $40,000. However, that was a while ago, so things may have changed. Hopefully not, but we’ll have to wait until the March 7 event to find out.



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