XPeng G6 series EVs gets 10,000 Yuan ($1400) year-end discounts starting at 199,900 Yuan ($28,040) in China

XPeng Motors, the esteemed Chinese automaker, has recently unveiled a captivating year-end sale, wherein they have taken the initiative to reduce prices across their entire XPeng G6 lineup. Commencing on December 18, 2023, the time-limited promotion presents an enticing reduction of 10,000 Yuan ($1,400), resulting in a revised starting price of 199,900 Yuan ($28,040).

Prospective customers are advised to carefully review the specific terms and conditions of the promotion. The discounted pricing and accompanying policy advantages will remain valid until December 20, 2023. Customers who avail themselves of this exclusive offer will be granted a remarkable price reduction of 10,000 yuan, in addition to a 24-month interest-free policy. It is important to note that purchasers are limited to choosing only one of the two specified advantages.

XPeng G6 series EVs Price And Specs

The XPeng G6, which was debuted in June of this year, was initially priced in the domestic market between 209,900 Yuan ($29,444) and 276,900 Yuan ($38,843). The dimensions of the vehicle are as follows: length – 4753 mm, width – 1920 mm, height – 1650 mm, and wheelbase – 2890 mm.

In regards to performance, the single-motor iteration boasts a drive motor featuring a rated power of 110kW and a peak power reaching 218kW. The package includes a lithium iron phosphate battery and a ternary lithium-ion battery manufactured by China Innovation Airlines. The dual-motor variant, on the other hand, boasts an impressive power range spanning from 50kW to 110kW, accompanied by peak powers reaching 140kW and 218kW. Its cutting-edge ternary lithium-ion battery makes this outstanding performance possible.

The XPeng G6 is particularly noteworthy for its impressive CLTC range, which can reach up to 755 kilometers. The vehicle has been constructed using a cutting-edge 800V SiC silicon carbide platform, which enables the integration of XPILOT intelligent assisted driving technology. This combination results in a comprehensive and forward-thinking driving experience.



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